a Green Solution

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Have you ever said this? "I use my drops until they're stiff, then I use them outside and then we throw them away." I hear that all the time. People who have never used our service don't believe it's worth it to wash their dropcloths. Once we wash someone's drops for the first time they are a believer.

We remove virtually all of the paint, dirt and dust; even drops that are stuck solid with paint come out clean and soft again.

As our regular customers know, a washed dropcloth is better than a new one. Many of our customers will have us wash their new drops before they use them. Once a drop is washed, the fibers tighten so it will hold paint better, and they become softer and more workable.

Do the math. Say you have ten drops and ten runners. Say the average cost of a runner is $13 and a drop cloth is $25. Each time you had to replace the drops and runners because they were too dirty it would cost $380.00 plus tax. If you washed the same drop cloths it would cost $127.50. That is a savings of almost 65% - and you'll have better drops! Washing dropcloths is a great deal all around.