a Green Solution

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We offer a rag for almost any application.

SUPER WHITE RAGS - Our top quality wiper. Made from 100% white cotton knit. All flat stock, no seams or cuffs. Great for staining and glazing. Available in 50# and 25# boxes.

WHITE KNIT WIPERS - Primarily all white cotton knit. Generally cut up t-shirts. Great all-purpose rag. Available in 10# boxes.

GRAY KNIT RAGS - Almost identical to our Super White rags except they are all gray. Available in 25# boxes.

WHITE TERRY CLOTH - An economical alternative to towels. All white cotton terry. Available in 25# boxes.

WHITE PAINTER RAGS - All white wiping rag for painters. Not very absorbent but great for general clean up. Available in 25# boxes.

NEAR WHITE PAINTER RAGS - Similar material to the white painters rag but more economical and in assorted pastel colors. Available in 25# boxes.


Our brushes and rollers all top-quality professional grade. You can’t spend more money and get a better brush or roller.

TYNEX/OREL - 2” flat sash, 2 ½” angle sash, 3” angle sash, 3” varnish, 3” wall brush and 4” wall brush

BLACK CHINA BRISTLE - 2 ½” angle sash, 3” varnish and 4” wall brush

CHINEX - 2 ½” and 3” angle sash brush

ROLLER FRAMES - 9” 5 wire professional frame and 9” economy import frame

COVERS - 9” Top-quality Viodel, 3/8”, ½” and ¾” and 9” Economy Lamdel, 3/8”, ½” and ¾”