a Green Solution

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For many years Chicago Dropcloth Service, Inc. has been proven to be a green solution for Chicago area contractors. By washing your drop cloths you not only save yourself lots of money but you also do your part to improve our environment.

We wash close to 31,000 drop cloths and runners per year. Over the 50 plus years that our company has been in business that computes to over 1,500,000 drop cloths and runners that potentially were headed to the garbage dump. That's a lot of waste!

We use lye (which is also used in the food processing industry) and steam to wash the drop cloths. This is a far more earth friendly process than even your local dry cleaner uses. We neutralize the lye and collect all paint sediment removed from the drop cloths.

Over the long run a single drop cloth can be washed many times and is actually better once it's washed. The fibers tighten in the drop cloth and won't allow paint to leak through once they are washed. Also the drop cloth becomes much softer and easier to use.

Get rid of the paint dirt and dust and make your job easier. All while you help the environment!